Joshua Mbandi for

VP Operations & Finance

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Why I’m Qualified

  • Arts Councillor on the Students Council

    • Introduced a Snow Day advocacy policy to protect students from harsh weather

    • Co-sponsored and passed motions to enhance student consultations in the Bombshelter revitalization

  • President and Chief Officer of the UW Young Liberals

    • Led policy workshops to ensure students had a vehicle for advocacy and policy development

    • Hosted pub nights and debates to provide a venue for debate on policy

  • Waterloo Riding Youth Councillor

  • Turnkey Desk

  •  UW Global Affairs Club

Why I’m Running

As a student at UW, I've developed a deep appreciation for the many student leaders who are contributing to our campus community, from the service coordinators to the club execs to the many volunteers. But I've also developed an appreciation for the growing disconnect between Feds as an organization and the students it is mandated to serve. As VP Operations & Finance, I will be responsive to student needs through continued consultations and a meaningful focus on the needs students in my decision making. I will work to ensure Feds as an organization is accessible and works for students.

We will increase supports and resources for clubs and services to improve outcomes for students.

The over 200 clubs and 12 student-led services at UW form the core of Feds’s engagement with students. These groups offer a myriad of services, and serve to enhance the student experience.

  • We will increase funding for vital Feds services by entering into a cost-sharing agreement with the university to ensure service services are adequately funded.

  • As VP Operations and Finance, I will work with the VP Student Life to increase access to funding for Feds clubs with large impacts on student life by working with clubs leaders and service co-ordinators to establish performance metrics and which will determine access to greater funds.

  • I will work with the President to streamline clubs event form booking processes, by reducing wait times and reducing barriers to Feds resources for clubs and services.

  • We will work to establish online reimbursement forms for clubs seeking reimbursement from Feds, as reforming reimbursement process to lessen burden on club execs, because current practices establish barriers to entry.

  • We will work to make it easier for clubs to manage their own funds, as well as ensure easier access to accounts for all Feds clubs and services.

The clubs and services at UW are vital. Team Gold will work to ensure they thrive.


I will ensure proper implementation of the Legal Aid service, and other insurance programs

Feds provides vital programs to students, including the health and dental plan, and the UPASS program.

Pending the approval of the upcoming referendum, I will work to ensure increased accessibility to the UPASS for part time and co-op though managing the implementation of the UPASS program.

There are countless examples of students getting ripped off and manipulated by malicious landlords without any protections. I will manage and oversee the implementation of the legal aid insurance program to ensure it works for students, and ensure students have access to legal aid insurance in the event of disputes with landlords. Furthermore, we will ensure access to information regarding vital leasing rules are made available to students, especially nearing the end of each semester, when student begin to look for sublets and leasing agreements.

We will advocate for more diverse food options on Campus by partnering with local businesses.

The UW student body is very diverse, and students spend a lot of time and money buying food on campus. As a result, it’s integral that there be a diverse set of food options on campus that can cater to the needs of the student body.

As VP Operations and Finance, I will work with the President to enhance partnerships between Feds and external businesses, and promote Feds commercial services to improve the student experience.

Work to increase the variety of food options on campus, including INews

  1. Working with the university to find new opportunities for a more diverse set of food options on campus, whether that involves increasing partnerships with various local businesses, or other avenues

We will ensure Feds as an organization is more accessible to students

The Federation of Students should serve the entire undergraduate student body, and as such, it should take steps to ensure its assessable to all undergrads. This means

Mandating that all marketing materials have image descriptions, and work with the VP Student Life to ensure accessibility by purchasing a CART Captioning system to be used at big Feds events like General Meetings

Increase transparency and accountability to Students Council by working to improve communications and consultations between the Feds exec and Students Council on matters pertaining to commercial services and budgetary consultations.

We will ensure commercial services serve students interests by prioritizing students needs

Student-led commercial services cater to a very specific market, the student body and campus community. This includes students, clubs, services, and staff. It is vital that commercial services maintain commercial viability, while also catering to the needs of the campus community.


As such, I will work with the President to manage the revitalization of the Bombshelter space with an increased focus on student engagement and consultation, and ensure the new campus pub caters to students needs. This will involve working with my follow Execs and the Students Council to enhance student consultations and input in the Bombshelter space’s revitalization.

I will work with the necessary stakeholders to ensure the new Bombshelter space is commercially viable, as well as change the regulations to ensure new space improves the student experience.

We will advocate for improved snow plowing on campus and for the university to reassess its “snow day” policies

We will call on the University of Waterloo to conduct a review of its snow day closure policies to ensure such policies do not unintentionally harm or endanger the safety of students, particularly students with special needs.

We will call on the University of Waterloo to include a reassessment of its communications strategy during extreme weather conditions as a component of its review to ensure adequate and up-to-date information is provided to students, faculty, and staff.

I will work with the necessary stakeholders to ensure the new Bombshelter space is commercially viable, as well as change the regulations to ensure new space improves the student experience.

We will work to support sustainability on campus

We will support SCI with their proposals to enhance green spaces on campus because we recognize the importance of protecting the green spaces on campus.

We will promote the existing reusable cutlery and container food services program, initiated by SCI as well as work together with food services to speed up this process.

We will support a reduce food waste campaign across campus by working with food services and residences to develop creative reuse ideas for their leftovers.

We will support SCI and the Sustainability Office in the waste reduction strategy,, embed reminders about waste at Feds events, and make sure students know when plates and cutlery are compostable so that they can dispose of them properly.