Our Team

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It all started when a group of students decided Feds could do better


Our Mission

As Team Gold, we care about the issues that students are going through. We understand the existing barriers that inhibit the student experience in campus life and academics. We also recognize there is a growing disconnect between Feds as an organization and the students it is mandated to serve. We want to act as a voice for all students and bring real meaningful change to this campus. We all carry a long-term vision to improve the campus experience for all students. We hope the students of this campus choose to go Gold this year and elect a team ready to serve the student body.


We Will Fight For You

Our candidate for President, Simran Parmar and our candidate for VP Student Life, Amanda Fitzpatrick, with Laura Mae Lindo, the MPP for Kitchener Centre during the 2019 Women’s March.

As your Feds Exec, our team will fight for students at every turn.

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Our candidate for President, Simran Parmar, and our candidate for VP Operations and Finance, Joshua Mbandi, at the MG20 event in November.

Our candidate for President, Simran Parmar, and our candidate for VP Operations and Finance, Joshua Mbandi, at the MG20 event in November.

We Will Listen To You

We have built our platform based on the views and concerns of students. We’ve spoken with students from all faculties to understand the concerns they face. We’ve consulted with student leaders and experts in their fields to ensure our goals are realistic and achievable. Our platform is the result of student consultation. As your Feds Exec, we will ensure student consultation is at the core of our governance.


Our vision for Feds, in a nutshell

  • We will advocate for a multifaceted approach to mental health and wellness by prioritizing student participation and consultation

  • We will increase supports and resources for clubs and services to improve outcomes for students

  • We will work with the university to re-enact a predictable tuition framework which will allow international students to see a predictable rise in their tuition and budget accordingly

  • We will aim to make council more accessible to students and ease the ability for students to learn and engage with feds governance

  • We will ensure service coordinators receive fair compensation for their work

  • We will bring back the Campus Shuttle, and build a tracking system (similar to Uber) to be added to the Portal app so students know where the shuttle is

  • We will work to ensure more resources to deal with Mental health and advocate for a reduction in wait times at counselling services

  • We will advocate for more housing rights for students and work to protect students from predatory housing companies

  • We will ensure co-op students are protected from abusive employers by establishing an agreement with the university

Read each candidate’s full platform


Get Involved

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Don’t Forget To Vote!

Voting will take place from the 5th - 7th of February. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to vote.